What Parents are Saying about Us

The University Language Academy is successful thanks to parents, who are committed to their children’s growth and education. Here are some thoughts from parents like you:

“Our daughter has been enrolled in various programs through the Academy. Growth as a Spanish speaker was apparent after just the first year. When my daughter speaks Spanish, she speaks naturally with an accent, as a result of learning from well-trained and qualified native Spanish-speaking teachers. My daughter is proud of her knowledge and often shares new words and Spanish songs with us at home. The lessons are taught in an engaging and fun manner, and she has never complained of feeling bored or that the work is too difficult. In fact, to her, it feels like just the opposite due to the careful lesson plans developed by the teachers. For instance, our daughter has learned how to make authentic dishes from Spanish speaking countries, and she brings home art projects, which enhance her experiences in class. We invest both time and money in the classes and camps because we believe that learning a second language is critical to not only our daughter’s professional future, but also to being a good global citizen.”

“My daughter LOVES attending the Spanish Program after school and learning with children of all ages. She loves that the program is lead by the same Spanish teachers for the University Primary School K/1 class, who she is familiar with and enjoys learning from. From a parent’s perspective I feel that the Spanish Program has a perfect balance of fun and learning for an after-school program. I highly recommend other parents to consider it.”

“Our children have participated in the Spanish summer program for the past three summers and they have recently begun their second academic year. We have seen our children’s Spanish language skills grow in leaps and bounds with the program. The staff is so engaged and enthusiastic. They provide an amazing environment in which the children thrive and learn not just Spanish, but about the cultures in countries where Spanish is spoken. The children are encouraged to overcome any fears of speaking through activities and performances. It’s not just language skills they are acquiring but a well-rounded approach to learning. I frequently refer the program to friends. We plan to continue with the Spanish program as long as it’s available; it provides a great service to the community.”